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About Us

Web Builder Pro is backed by a team of skilled craft designers and developers. We’ve been involved in designing websites, building websites and  applications since 1998. 

Over 20 years of website building & marketing experience
Our founder started building websites over 20 years ago when the web was just starting. We’ve built a business based on inventing new rules and tools for making websites great. In this time we’ve built over 8500 different websites for clients of all sizes.

Rock solid and secure hosting included
On average our clients see hackers attack our clients websites 2 per month. While we can’t stop every attack from happening, we can address the problem quickly. Our hosting provides monitoring of services at all times allowing us to keep your site running 27/4 (99% uptime)

Optimized and strict quality control on our work
All our website are written with quality in mind. We do not send our work overseas for someone to piece a website together for the cheapest price like others do in the industry. Our engineers work for us exclusively and have been with us for years. We maintain a quality control on everything we produce for our clients

Marketing and Strategic planning
We take the time to understand each client’s goals and provide consulting services to help them achieve their goals. No job is too small or too large for our experienced team

Hello! I’m Chris Larson

My career as a designer and developer started in 1998 in Northern Utah. From there I’ve been all over the US working in different capacities as a designer, developer of applications and websites for startups and as a freelancer. My passion is providing solutions to problems for clients in the form of creative websites and software. I’ve been fortunate to have a great group of skilled designers and engineers help create what Web Builder Pro is today.

What our customers say about our work is the most important aspect of our business

“No matter what we’ve asked of Web Builder Pro, they have over delivered. Our servers always work and our commerce platform always performs. Web Builder Pro has supported mobile nations from the start and will continue to do so into the future” 

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