Whats the difference between a website and a landing page

by | October 16, 2019

Clients often wonder why you need a website and landing pages. We’ll explore the purpose of a landing page vs having a website for your company

Landing pages and Websites are two completely different tools

Landing pages and websites commonly get confused with each other. Let’s use the Mall analogy to better understand the two. When you visit a retail outlet or mall you’ll notice as you walk down the hall at all the fancy window displays each store has. These window displays are intended to get your attention at the latest trends and products the store has inside. Those window displays change often based on whats new and trending by design. This is the same concept as a landing page for your company. A landing page should be single purposed and have very little distraction for the user. The message should be clear and the call to action should be front and center. Landing pages are best used when doing test marketing to an audience the majority of all traffic to landing pages should come from paid sources such as PPC or other forms of paid endorsements. Because it’s paid traffic you can pause this traffic at anytime which allows you to review your pages performance and makes tweaks to get the most conversion of our your landing page goal.

When you use the same analogy as the retail outlet or mall your website should be pretty static like the inside of a department store is (mens section is over in one corner and the womens section is on the other side) the layout shouldn’t change and always provide the same shopping experience your customers are used to. You don’t want to spend time changing a product title or description on your website, you want to use landing pages to find the optimal version of a product title or image based on the conversion metrics.

Using landing pages to fine tune your brand, product message, price and images is an important step to building a great online store or website to represent your company. Once you find the winning formula through landing pages you can implement this on your website and get the most conversion out of your traffic.

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If you are struggling to get the maximum results from your paid traffic or you'd like to increase your website organic traffic let us help. Leave us a comment below or click here to Hire Us and let’s talk!

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